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Your Video Should Answer Questions!

Today, I saw a video in my feed for a local Dentist's office. The visuals were clean and neat; it showcased most of the typical things you would see there. Patient chairs, the special equipment, a nice reception area, etc. I was waiting for the video to explain why I should choose this Dentist office over the competition. That explanation never came.

I couldn't believe it. The business invested their advertising money in a video that could have been a lot more effective! Some smiling reception faces. An interview or voice-over with a Dentist or Dental Hygienist. Answers to why a patient should choose this business. Mix in some credibility, some soothing music. Does this office do direct billing? Answers!

Know your audience, and use your advertising dollar effectively. I don't choose my dentist based on how good the chair looks. I do it on referrals, friendliness, the quality of work, and if they provide options to deal with any anxieties I may have. Use a video to answer your customer's questions, and it will create more business than a shot of a beautiful office ever could.

  • Bobby

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