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Studio Set Up

Welcome to Astral Wake Productions!  I'm Bob Charters, a seasoned professional in the film industry with over 15 years of experience creating video story telling for clients throughout the world. Bringing video projects to life from concept to completion is a labour of love.  Join me in telling your story. 


As a videographer, my focus lies in telling the stories of diverse clients, ranging from small businesses to executives, touring musicians, to medical industry professionals seeking training solutions, and many genres in between.  I firmly believe that every story deserves to be heard and that film has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain.


One of my areas of expertise lies in capturing the essence of small businesses. I understand the importance of showcasing their unique narratives and helping them connect with their target audience. Through my lens, I aim to convey the passion, dedication, and distinctiveness of each business, enabling them to stand out in a competitive market.


Working closely with executives, I have had the opportunity to capture their vision and expertise, creating compelling video content that showcases their leadership and communicates their message effectively. I understand the significance of portraying executives in a manner that reflects their professionalism and authority while also highlighting their authentic selves.


Additionally, I have collaborated with touring musicians, capturing their electrifying performances and translating the energy and emotion of their music into visually stunning videos. By bringing their artistry to life on screen, I aim to give fans and new audiences a glimpse into the soul and passion behind their music.


Moreover, I have worked with medical and care industry professionals who require training solutions that engage and educate their teams effectively. Whether it's through instructional videos, simulations, or other visual mediums, I am dedicated to creating engaging content that ensures comprehensive learning and improved outcomes in the medical and care fields.


Throughout my career, I have continuously evolved and embraced new technologies and trends in the ever-changing landscape of film production. I am well-versed in the latest equipment, editing techniques, and storytelling strategies, allowing me to deliver high-quality videos that captivate audiences and exceed expectations.


Our team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to capturing moments, emotions, and narratives through the art of video production. With a passion for crafting compelling visuals and a keen eye for detail, we take pride in bringing your ideas to life, transforming them into captivating audiovisual experiences.


With a diverse background in various genres of videography, including corporate, documentary, events, and creative projects, the team of video, audio, art, sound, production and editing creatives possess the versatility and adaptability to cater to a wide range of needs.


Beyond technical proficiency, I understand the importance of storytelling in video production. I work tirelessly to craft narratives that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on viewers. 


Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, I am here to bring your story to light,  and help you achieve your goals.  


If you're looking for a skilled videographer who understands the power of storytelling and has a passion for bringing ideas to life, I would be thrilled to collaborate with you. Together, we can create visually compelling content that resonates with your audience and achieves your objectives.


Tell us why you’re unique.  Show us why you’re disruptive.  Let’s create something incredible.

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